NMU preparing to welcome back students

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Northern Michigan University is planning on welcoming back students to campus exactly two months from today,

“We have organized 11 committees to look at all the areas of returning to campus,” said Derek Hall, Chief Marketing Officer at NMU.

Included in the committees, residence life, athletics, dining and health.

As NMU prepares for its return, classrooms likely won’t look the same. Occupancy in classrooms the usually hold 30 students, could be dwindled down to 20.

“We are asking our faculty members to consider how they would handle possibly meeting with half the class one day and half the class the other day,” said Hall.

The future of classrooms will likely have to follow some social distancing guidelines and have increased online opportunities.

“Some classes will have some barriers, some plexiglass barriers to increase that occupancy. It just really depends on the space, but we are reviewing all the spaces," said Hall. "We may be teaching some classes in some spaces that traditional haven’t been used for classes.”

According to the university, enrollment numbers are smaller than previous years, but also noted that was expected.

“We are looking at all budget scenarios with a slight reduction of enrollment, but we have had some increase in our global campus enrollment.”

The last day of classes for the fall semester is set for before Thanksgiving so students won’t have to travel back for classes.

“We have been hearing from our new freshman class, they are eager to get here. They had a lot of changes to their senior year and they just want to come.”

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