WLUC Digital Marketing Suite


  • Display on-page in various positions and sizes.
  • See desktop examples | See mobile examples | See app examples
  • Full Site Takeover: Align your business with the news authority people know and trust by "taking over" ad positions on www.hannaswish.com.cn for a determined period.

Livestream Advertising

  • Video ads played in our livestream feeds on desktop, mobile, Amazon Fire, Roku, and SBTV.
  • Roll before content plays or during commercial breaks.

On-Demand Advertising

  • Video ads that play before or after on-demand content.
  • Ads are non-skippable with 70-80% completion rate.
  • Companion ads related to your On-Demand ads display on-page.

Native Ads

  • Sponsored articles driven by your organization and placed natively amongst the headlines on our station site and app.
  • View an example native ad here.

Mobile Banner Ads

  • Display on-page in various positions and sizes.
  • Ads display on smartphones and tablets in mobile sites as well as apps.
  • See an example

App Open Ad

  • Full-screen ads that appear on app splash screens.
  • See examples

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Targeted Email

  • Reach your prospective in-market customers by leveraging geographic, demographic, and behavioral parameters.
  • Double opt-in compliant.

Audience Targeting

  • We partner with 98% of ad-servable websites and apps to put your ads in front of your ideal audience.
  • Target by location, behavior, white listing, web history, and more.
  • Algorithmic and manual optimization.

Call Tracking

  • A unique phone number is generated and tied to your campaign.
  • Improve customer service through call monitoring/recording.
  • Optimizes Paid Search AdWords campaign performance by showing what words are driving leads.

Conversation Driver Pages

  • Directly support your campaign’s goals with a custom landing page.
  • We create a landing page tailor-made to drive conversions to your business.

eCommerce Website

  • Fully extendable, secure, and customizable online store with cart system.
  • Integrated shipping options.
  • Secure and comprehensive payment gateway.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Maximize search engine visibility with a mobile-first, local-oriented approach.
  • Keep in line with the ever-changing Google standards.
  • Drive non-branded search traffic.
  • Increase site authority.


  • Over-the-Top (OTT) video is video content played via the internet on apps for smart TVs, streaming boxes (Roku, Apple TV, game consoles, etc).
  • Ads are non-skippable, offering the traditional TV viewing experience and the potential for multiple viewers per impression.

Paid Search

  • Your ad appears on the first page of search engines when keywords are searched.
  • You are only charged when your ad is clicked.

Targeted Social

  • With thousands of targeting options, we deliver your social ads to the exact local customers you want to reach.
  • Target by location, age, behavior, gender, interests, income, social connections, and much, much more.

Website Development

  • Fully responsive website adapts to desktop and mobile.
  • Full content creation for your website.
  • You own your site.

YouTube Advertising

  • Video ads that play before, during, or after YouTube videos.
  • Geographic, demographic, and behavioral targeting.
  • You only pay for completed views